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Engineer (optical system)

National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Public Organization), Chiang Mai, Thailand
Employer Description

National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand:

NARIT (Public Organization)

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) is the leading research organization in Thailand that operates the Thai National Observatory, the largest observing facility of South-East Asia, that includes the 2.4 m Thai National Telescope (TNT) and the 40 m Thai Radio Telescope currently under construction.

NARIT established the 1st October 2020 the new “Optics & Photonics Centre” that aims at leading the research and development of optical instruments and related technologies in South-East Asia. The objective of to develop the following key areas identified as critical to stimulate the innovation in photonics in Thailand : Hyperspectral Imaging, Freeform Optics, Space Technology, Active optics and Laser Science and Technology.

Our activities in optical instrument started in 2013 with the development of the NARIT optical laboratory that produced several advanced optical systems such as the TNT Focal Reducer, the Evanescent Wave Coronagraph or the EXOhSPEC high resolution spectrograph.

We are now expanding our team to accelerate and reinforce the development of the key optical technologies in Thailand and South-East Asia. In this framework, we are recruiting an experienced engineer that will be in charge of designing and developing the next generation of instruments for the space and astronomical applications. This, with the objective to involve the latest technologies in freeform and active/adaptive optics to reach the best performance while reducing the volume and the mass of the instrument.

Job Description

The experience engineer will be a member of the NARIT Optics & Photonics laboratory and he/she will report to the Director of the Optics & Photonics Centre. He/She will act as the project manager of the future NARIT instrumental projects for astronomical applications. In particular, he/she will work with the NARIT astronomers to design and develop i) the second generation of instrument for the TNT, ii) the instruments for the medium-size telescope of NARIT regional observatories and iii) the massive instruments for large telescopes that NARTI will access in the future via our international collaborations. That will include for the NARIT telescope the development of Low and High resolution spectrographs and well as time-resolved cameras.

The duties of the proposed position are listed hereafter:

  1. To set regular meetings with the NARIT astronomers and scientists to define the specifications of the future astronomical and space instruments.
  2. To manage the instrumental development projects, to prepare and verify the progress of the planning and the budget.
  3. To report the progress of the project to the Director of NARIT Optics & Photonics Centre. To organize the reviews, prepare the presentations and deliver the progress reports.
  4. To perform the bibliographic report to identify the most promising state-of-art designs and to define the concepts.
  5. To establish the trade-off analyses to select the most promising solutions.
  6. To lead a team of optical and mechanical engineers to design the instrument, to estimate the performance in operational conditions.
  7. To establish the instrument performance budget and the status of compliance.
  8. To work with the NARIT High precision workshop to specify, manufacture and accept the mechanical parts.
  9. To work with the NARIT mechatronic team to specify, develop and accept the control systems.
  10. To lead a team of engineers to prepare and perform the Assembly, Integration & Test or Verification (AIT & AIV) activities
  11. To deliver the instrument to the scientific community and to participate to the commissioning activities.
  12. To communicate the results of the work in refereed journals and international conference.
  13. To organize local and international workshops to teach the methods to design and develop optical instruments preferentially to the Thai and ASEAN community.
Job Requirements

The candidates are to have the following qualifications in possession;

  1. Master in Engineering, Mechanics, Optics, Instrumentation for Physics or related fields
  2. PhD in optical instrumentation, technology or related fields.
  3. Minimum 5 years of experience in practicing optical design software (ZEMAX, Code V, etc.)
  4. Proven capability to work with mechanical and system engineers.
  5. Experience in   developing   state-or-art   optical   instruments   or   advanced   setups   for astronomical and space applications mandatory.
  6. More than 3 publications in refereed journals related to optical instrumentation or more that 3 patents in optical instrumentation.
  7. 3 recommendation letters.
  8. Experience in active/adaptive optics or freeform optics or hyperspectral imaging would be an asset.
  9. Good knowledge of the constrains linked to the design of astronomical instruments is preferred.
  10. Fluent in written and spoken English.
  11. Strong motivation for the development of astronomical and space instruments.
  12. Strong motivation to work in an intercultural environment
  13. Citizens of any country are invited to apply, without discrimination for gender, race or religion.


The position is for one year, with extensions possible. The monthly salary shall be equal to 58,000 THB/month, negotiable depending on the experience and the qualifications of the applicant. This salary would be subject to income tax.

This position will be located at Chiang Mai, in the Northern Part of Thailand Cost of living and income tax in Thailand are considerable lower than, e.g., those in western countries. Chiang Mai is a vibrant and pleasant city in northern Thailand, with many touristic attractions and a large expatriate community.

The position will be available starting from 1st January 2021. Applications can be sent in free format to the postal or email address and they shall include a cover letter with the foreseen starting date and a CV Short-listed applicants might be asked for an online interview (e.g. via Skype or Zoom).


Apply by one of the following channels via;

  1. Email; personnel@narit.or.th
  2. Post; addressed to

Human Resource Management Department (please refer to Job Application)

National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Public Organization)

260 Moo 4, Donkaew, Maerim, Chiangmai, 50180 – Thailand



Dr Christophe Buisset, Director

NARIT Optics & Photonics Centre

260 Moo 4, Donkaew, Maerim, Chiangmai, 50180 – Thailand
Telephone:  (+66) 53 225 569 Ext. 501 Mobile phone: (+66) 9 1497 9919

21 February 2021
23 March 2021
15600 – 22800
Optical Components, Lasers, Sensors