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2019 Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report


Women make up 19% of the respondents to the survey, 28% of students, and 16% of full-time workers. Women earn less than men overall, with respective median salaries of $58,542 and $75,000.
Median Salary by Gender and Region
The largest wage differences are associated with lower-income Asian and Middle East countries, employment at not-for-profit organizations, and employment of more than 30 years. Wage gaps persist in most demographic subsets of the data, though differences are lower in early career stages. Women in civilian government and government labs/research institutes earn more than men.
Median Salary by Gender and Years Employed
Median Salary by Gender and Employer Type

As a woman, over the course of my career I have had several instances where I was not paid the same as men in the same role, or was not promoted at the same rate as men. As a result I feel I am a long way behind male colleagues in my career.