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2018 Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report

Country Overview

The countries in the survey represent a broad range of incomes, job satisfaction, and gender balance. Workers in Switzerland, the United States, and Israel enjoy the highest median salaries. Within these highearning countries, the United States has the highest percentage of women in the workforce, and the highest level of satisfaction with work/life balance.
Median Salary Work/Life Balance and Gender by country
Employees in Mexico, Brazil, and Canada are much happier about their work/life balance compared to their colleagues in Germany, Japan, and Turkey. More than a third of Romanian workers are women, versus six percent in Japan.

In comparison to broader populations within surveyed countries, the optics and photonics community fares quite well. For example, the median earnings of Swiss survey participants is $122,747 versus the average for the general population at $85,718. In Czechia, survey participants earn $23,639 versus $13,587 for the country.3

Full-Time Engineers
Survey Responses by Region
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