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2017 Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report


Women make up 21% of the respondents to the survey, 29% of students, and 17% of full-time workers. Women earn less than men overall, with respective median salaries of $50,500 and $68,953.

The largest wage differences are associated with North American and higher-income Asian countries, employment at not-for-profit organizations, and employment of 26-30 years. Wage gaps persist in most demographic subsets of the data, though gaps are lower or non-existent in early career stages, and reversed in Oceania and Latin American and the Caribbean. Women in civilian government and military/defense earn more than men.

Median Salary by Gender and Region
Median Salary by Gender and Years Employed
Women and men report similar levels of job satisfaction in most categories. The largest difference of opinion concerns fairness of pay: 71% or women feel that they are paid fairly, versus 79% of men. Nearly equal percentages of women (82%) and men (83%) would recommend their job to a child or a friend.
Median Salary by Gender and Employer Type
Job Satisfaction by Gender