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2017 Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report

Country Overview

The countries in the survey represent a broad range of incomes, work habits, and happiness with pay. Workers in the United States, Switzerland, and Australia enjoy the highest median salaries. Within these highearning countries, Australians report the heaviest workloads, though they are also happiest with their pay.
Median Salary high workload pay by country
Ukraine, People’s Republic of China, and Japan top the list of the heaviest workloads, with 17%-21% of respondents reporting that they work 55 or more hours per week.

Australians, Danes, and Swiss are the happiest with their pay, while Ukrainians, Portuguese, and Poles are generally unhappy. Ukraine holds the unenviable position of the heaviest workload, lowest median salary, and lowest level of happiness with pay.

In comparison to broader populations within surveyed countries, the optics and photonics community fares quite well. For example, the median earnings of German survey participants is $68,953 versus the average for the general population at $41,716. In Poland, survey participants earn $17,243 versus $12,257 for the country.3

Survey Responses by Region
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